Patio Services

Pattern imprinted concrete is not just for the driveway. It can also be used on your patio to bring it to life. Just take a look at some of the projects we’ve completed below:

Patio Drainage

Asset Pavings Systems is compatible with most drainage hardware such as channels, gullies and manhole covers. To facilitate efficient surface drainage, Asset Pavings Systems must install to appropriate falls that have been established in the underlying sub-base. A minimum fall of 1.100 is advised where practicable. With some of the more deep imprinted un-textured patterns it may be necessary to increase the fall.


Patio Frost Resistance

The incorporation of an approved air entraining agent, combined with other properties within the mix, ensure a high resistance to frost attack.


Patio Impact Resistance

Asset Pavings Systems concrete design and specification make it highly durable and wear resistant. However, in cases of extreme wear may lead to deterioration of the concrete. In particular, where metal object are repeatedly dropped in one place, for example:

  • hydraulic jacks
  • builders skips
  • heavy metallic objects