About Us

Established in 1986 we are a local company that specialises in pattern imprinted concrete paving. We pride ourselves on our work and are proud to have 20 years of happy customers and daily referrals for new work.

We are made up of a five man team, three of which have over 20 years’ experience in imprinted concrete products and the building sector.

When we complete a job we want you to be proud of your home, that is why we will also undertake any related landscaping, walling, drainage and other works required to complete your project. We have a varied portfolio of completed projects and many references from existing happy customers.

We work primarily across the West Midlands and Shropshire, but in the past we have also completed projects in London, Manchester and North Wales.


How we work


We will discuss in detail your exact requirements, suggest design features, and, of course agree any complimentary works required.
Only when the above has been completed will we generate a concise but thorough quotation for your approval.


We will excavate areas as required to form levels as discussed with you the customer, removing all waste from site in a timely, clean and professional manner.
Layout – we will install any required drainage and complimentary edging required and then form the shape of your new paved area including angles and bends using our purpose made formwork. You will be able to see and approve the size and shape of your new area before work progresses any further. During this stage we will also re confirm your choice of patterns and colours and demonstrate details such as direction of pattern, edge pattern effects, levels and falls.


We will begin with an early start with our ready mixed concrete delivery which is then laid down and levelled, this is then screed finished by ourselves to provide the finished levels required, and trowelled to a smooth flat finish.

Following this the base colour is applied to the concrete surface and allowed to settle before being trowelled again to a flat finish, this may be done 2 or 3 times to allow colour to build vibrancy through additional coatings. At this point we will also finish all edges along buildings and formwork in readiness for patterning.

The next stage is the patterning of your new area, this is where it really takes shape, most customers are fascinated to see this stage in action, and hopefully you will be too.
Following the completion of pattern imprinting we will cordon off your new paved area to allow the concrete to fully harden over a 24-48 hour period. The site will be left in a clean and tidy condition.


Once the surface has fully hardened, usually 24-48 hours we will return to site to remove all formwork form around the edges and to carry out a full clean-up of the site, it is at this point that expansion joints will be installed as required, and any gravel or topsoil required to borders will be supplied. Following the clean up the area is left to fully cure for a further 24-48 hours before the final Acrylic Sealant is applied to the surface to complete the works.

You now have a fully completed beautiful new Pattern Imprinted Paved area.